Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Parent FYI for week of September 4—7

Week of September 4—7


snow     broke    grind    blind      still
folk        grown   odd     shock  crime
ripe        gold      coal       inch   flight  sigh       build      built      wrote    coast

VOCABULARY /                  REVIEW /                   CHALLENGE /                    INUPIAQ

bewildered           drop            remind        tuNa
longed                  mix              approach
reminded              smoke         rigid
homeland             sight            recognize
marveled              know           continent

    Spelling Homework
        Monday:       Write each Spelling Word 3X
       Tuesday:      Use each Spelling Word in a sentence
       Wednesday:  Write a short definition for each Spelling Word
        Thursday:      Use each Vocabulary Word in a sentence

   Houghton Mifflin Reading, Theme 1, Lesson 2
            Theme:  "Journeys"
            Comprehension Strategy:  Predict / Infer
            Comprehension Skill:  Author's Viewpoint
            Spelling:  /i/, /i/, /o/, and /o/
            Structural Analysis:  Suffixes -ly and -y
            Grammar:  Subjects and Predicates
            Writing:  Giving examples


         Incomplete homework is accepted     
          Prioritize in this order:   1. Math    2. Spelling    3. Reading homework
           Homework time may vary according to your situation and your child's needs. 
           •  Substitutions can be made if homework is lost or forgotten:
                        Math:   a multiplication "times table"
                        Reading:  25 minutes of free reading, with a signed note from parent  

   EDITOR'S CHOICE sentences from last week 

            I will gain weight if I eat too much.
            I like ice cream.
            I put whipped cream on my Salmonberries.
            I'll have steak for dinner.
            If you have too many sweets, you might get a sweet tooth.
            I prayed at dinner.
            I gained 5 pounds.
            The dead whale was on West Beach.
            The horse at the Stampede Rodeo dislocated her ankle and 
                  felt pain.
            When my sister climbed Anvil Mountain, she said her legs 
                   were in pain.

•  Writing
           We are starting "Personal Narratives."
            Write a personal narrative about SOMETHING YOU
            TO YOU.  Use "1st person point of view."  It has to be
            true.  At least 3 paragraphs.

  Mr. McRae's contact

            home:   443 2999
            classroom:   443 8968
            cell:   434 0455
            email:    imcrae@nomeschools.com

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