Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Reading & Math Homework, 09-19-12

Reading Homework for Wednesday, 09-19-12:
 Read your book for 20 minutes.  Enjoy!  Write a summary of at least one sentence.  Have parents sign and date the summary.  

 Emails are accepted.  Or, sign on to Google and post your homework in the Comments section of this blog!  Good luck with that, I don't know how it works....

Math Homework for Wednesday, Sept. 19

name ___________________ 

(Remember:  Multiplication deals with things in groups-  with an equal number of things in each group._      

1.  Devin read 12 books with 9 pages in each book.  How many    pages did Devin read?

2.  Seven kids ate two bowls of soup each.  How many bowls did the     kids eat altogether?

3.  Mr. McRae made 12 pages each night for a story he is making.  It took him 11 nights to finish.  How many pages did he make in all?

4.  Kylee read 12 books with 9 pages each in them.  How many pages did she read in all?

5.  Brianna made 6 cookies.  Nakita made 6 cookies.  How many cookies in all?

6.  Virgil went fishing, then came back with 2 bags.  Each bag had 5 fish in it.  How many fish did he get in all?

7.  Elijah did 10 problems on each page.  There were 9 pages.  How many problems did Elijah do in all?

8.    Mr McRae has 5 baskets.  Each basket has 2 apples in it.  How  many apples altogether?

9.  Sam had 5 brownies.  Each brownie was 2 inches.  How long are Sam's brownies if he lines them all up next to each other?

10. Kaylyn made 11 batches of brownies.  There were 2 in each batch.  How many brownies did she make?

11. Stephine bought 4 Labor Day Duck Race tickets.  If each ticket  cost $5.00, how many dollars did she spend.

  Melissa saw 20 dragons.  That's her first and only time seeing         dragons.  How many dragons did Melissa see in all?

For the problems below, kids wrote ADDITION problems instead of multiplication.  ANSWER WITH AN ADDITION SENTENCE. 

12.   Mr. McRae made 7 cookies, and 9 more cookies.  How many cookies did Mr. McRae make?

13.  Reese shot two brown bears.  Then he got three more.  How   many bears did Reese get?

15.  Sony made 5 cupcakes and 2 extra for her friends.  How much  do they have altogether?

16. My sister ate 5 apples.  She ate 6 more apples.  How many apples did my sister eat?

 17. Simeon has two jackets and two hats.  How many winter things has Simeon?

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