Monday, September 24, 2012

Parent FYI, week of September 24—28

Parents F.Y.I.
Weekly Newsletter for Mr. McRae's 4th Grade & 4th Grade Reading Class
Week of September 24—28


safe    kept   gray  grown             wrote             blind
suit      crumb    wait    creak   steep    gain   still      gold      crime    few      trunk    steal   weight   meat    past    reach   coast    odd   sigh       true      tube    steel     creek    meet   


sensation          descent            its              —(r) tuNa  
turbulent         graceful            it's              niGi
precious           rigid                there            qaniq
perch                continue          they're
hindrance       remind               their

  Houghton Mifflin Reading, Theme 1 Review
            Reading Selection: 
               "Chester Cricket's Pigeon Ride",  Garth Williams
               "The Parcel Post Kid" Michael O. Tunnel
            Theme:  "Journeys"
            Comprehension Strategy:  Predict/Infer
            Comprehension Skill:  Noting details, Text Organization
            Spelling:  Review Theme 1 words
            Structural Analysis:  Review:
            Grammar:  Review:  Subject / Predicate
            Writing:  Personal Narrative

              Substitutions can be made if homework is lost or forgotten:
                    Math:   a multiplication "times table"
                    Reading:  25 minutes of free reading, with a signed note from 

              Homework is not counted in grade, but it does determine
                  Class Raffle eligibility!

PTA Meeting
·      Date:  September 24, 2012
·      Time:  6:30 PM
·      Location:  Library
We are finishing Theme 1 (Journeys) in Houghton Mifflin Reading.  This is a review week.  Our plan is to review:
1.  Reading comprehension:  keyword summaries, noting details in text, & test taking skills
2.  Subject / Predicate:  writing complete sentences, identifying simple and complete subject & predicate 
3.  Alphabetization

This is Multiplication / Division week.  We are departing from the Houghton-Mifflin textbook and focussing on
 multiplication and division, with an emphasis on the language of word problems.  The goal is for each student to be able to solve AND write word problems using "times" and "divide".  Word problems are more fun when we write our own!  Help your 4th grader to "think" in multiplication and division by relating real-world situations to simple multiplication/division equations.  And of course--  it is ESSENTIAL that 4th graders memorize their multiplication facts and their corresponding fact families.  (For example:  if you know 3 x 4 =12, then you also know that 12 ÷ 3 = 4)

We have finished our "Personal Narrative" rough drafts.  In writing this week, we plan on a final phase of peer editing & teacher editing before we go to press with the narratives.  In particular, we are looking at ORGANIZATION of ideas in a story, as well the usual struggle to use correct punctuation, spelling, and grammar.

               Last week, we finally got the science ball rolling!  We studied SCIENTIFIC METHOD (hypothesis, procedure, data,  conclusion), the method by which science "proves stuff."  We did this by performing Mr. McRae's award-winning "ESP Experiment #2".   Ask your 4th Grader for details!  We are also studying classification of living things.

  EDITOR'S CHOICE sentences from last week 

The door creaked when I peeked.
There were monsters in my closet.
They're there.
I wrung SpongeBob SquarePants.
Don't wear a ring when you wring that thing.
He was slow because he had a lot of weight.
I would like to meet my meat before I eat it.
My gramma has a lot of cookware.
Beets taste gross.
I like to visit Dexter Creek.
I put the lead weights on my rod, then I led the way.

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